Live Like a Wild One

Depending on the continent and the interpretation of the historical records, humans spent about six to seventeen hundred plus years believing the world is flat. Some humans caught on sooner than others, but we've know for a VERY long time that the world is in fact a sphere. A sphere has no directional end. You can start at one point, maintain a perfectly straight line, and go on and on forever in the same rotation. That is, till you forcibly determine a start and an end.

The idea that we live in a sphere doesn’t seem to have caught on with society, because society is constantly trying to throw up “start” and “finish” lines everywhere we turn. In addition, society even has the audacity to keep dropping boxes from the sky, trying to catch us like a claw in a skill-crane game!

Why does our world insist on living in boxes with definitive directional lines and limited journeys with a start and finish, within the confines of such cramped spaces? Why does society like everything so neatly packed into boxes that we look more like the cubed landscape of vintage Mario Brothers, than we do of the exquisitely beautiful wild natural world that we call Earth?

Humans are so dead set on restricting everything to boxes that we even manicure our bushes into boxed shapes. We take a beautiful green bush and trim it so it has perfectly smooth edges. Why not just put a green plastic box on a pole and plant it like a flag in your yard? It will be like a beacon to all those who pass by to let them know – “Here resides a square. Do not bring innovation, creativity, or passion to this doorstep!”

Ok, that may be an exaggerated judgment – because some manicured lawns are honestly about the art. But in all seriousness, why all of the boxes? Why do we say, “You can only do this and that?”

If you’re an artist, you know the feeling all too well – you even receive the boxed in judgments within your own community of “innovators”. You’ll have “purists” who say, “This medium must be used this way and only this way.” If you write, you’re told what and how you can write, and if you brave the outskirts of those edges, or just down right fly far passed the known boundaries, you’re a “novice without a clue” and your work is trashed and discredited.

No matter the walk of life we choose to lead, there is ALWAYS someone to throw down a “start” and “finish” line. And if you try to throw down your own “detour”, you will be ridiculed and judged. We live in a sphere, but the flat earth boxed in mindset is still firmly engrained in the human brain, unfortunately.

So, I’m calling out to everyone to rebel against the manicured lawns of your life! Let that wild jungle grow free and marvel at the countless lines of endless direction that sprout up for your feet to follow. Jump out of the boxes and live like a wild one – be free and run amuck! Because in all honestly, it’s the rebel rousing amuck-running spheres that keep the world going round, and not sharply falling off a cliff into vast nothingness.