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Lesbian Romance

The Dancing Wolf Series

A Lesbian Romance with a Polyamorous Twist

Building the Family -
Book 1 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

A dangerously seductive and addictive lesbian romance with a fresh twist.

Can one wild weekend really be more than just a fun time? 
Can it lead to a loving and lasting relationship? 
When Kayla starts college in love with one girl she’s never been able to have a relationship with, and nursing her broken heart after being dumped by her girlfriend, she lands in the lap of a beautiful girl – a girl who could either fill the void in her heart, or open her heart for a life she only briefly dreamt of as a possibility.
Some say its only possible to be in love with one person at a time, but Kayla learns the “one love” rule doesn’t apply to her.

Building the Empire - Book 4 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

After being handpicked by an opportunistic dance tycoon for a TV ballroom dance competition, Kayla and her dance partner, Jaime, will have to quickly learn how to cope with the fast-paced entertainment business.
Entering the world of fame and fortune will put Kayla at odds with the image she wants to have, and the image the world wants to give her. Being a celebrity dancer will push Kayla into questionable circumstances, further complicating delicate friendships, and testing Kayla’s girls trust in her more than ever.
Her schedule for the year is tight, and mostly dictated by her big dance career, however, some major surprises, both good and bad, will find their way into her schedule.

Breaking New Grounds - Book 7 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

With Madison and Sam graduating college, the family sits poised to support them as they pursue their own careers and hope to become pregnant.Circumstances will allow them to share their blessings and uplift their families and friends in their own ambitions. A tragic meeting of chance will bring a painful loss from the past to their present, bringing the situation full circle with a bittersweet ending. New friends and colleagues bring new drama and promises for a better future.While struggling to balance work and family, Kayla feels a tug in her spirit to do more for her tribe, which will be echoed by her elders, challenging her to get more involved in the indigenous community.

Building the Home -
Book 2 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

In this second installment of The Dancing Wolf, Kayla and her girls get a heavy dose of the trials of the real world, homophobia, and love.
Transitioning from a monogamous relationship to a family of four is only the beginning for Kayla and her girls. In order to abandon their college dorms to move in together, the foursome must now face the world and their families. 
Can Madison’s homophobic parents accept their relationship? 
Will Kayla’s hidden love for Awenasa cause her family to crumble?
Creating a home together may destroy them, or open up the doors of immeasurable beauty and joy.

Building the Nursery - Book 5 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

By being able to stay true to herself and her values, no matter the number of temptations and calamities that seem to befall her, Kayla quickly rises to iconic status, further opening career paths in the entertainment industry. 
While trying to enjoy the riches of their labors and planning to start having children, Kayla and her wives have to balance a hectic schedule and complicated relationships.
Suspicions of disloyalty will mount, tensions will flare, and very shocking truths will be learned. 

Note: Kayla co-stars in the movie, THE SHARPS UNLEASHED. Scenes from the movie will be rehearsed, so if you want to avoid spoilers, and you’d like to read the full story, you should read THE SHARPS UNLEASHED by Amy DeMeritt before reading Building the Nursery.

Building the Life - 
Book 3 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

Going home for the summer family gathering will mark the start of a real family life for Kayla and her girls.
Kayla’s life is never short in supply of complications, tensions, and sometimes disasters.
After deciding to follow her love of dance and join her sister’s dance squad, Kayla finds herself in the spotlight with new doors opening for a real career in dance. But to walk through those doors, Kayla will have to befriend an enemy, and put her personal comforts aside.
Deciding to jump into the entertainment industry will either be a golden ticket to a wonderful life for her family, or will push the girls too far.

Note: A prominent character from Love Triumphs Pain, by Amy DeMeritt, will join the cast of characters in this installment of The Dancing Wolf series.

Family Growing Pains - Book 6 of The Dancing Wolf - A Lesbian Romance Series

Although Kayla and her wives have experienced some strong negativity within their families for their lifestyle, they have mostly been blessed with a strong support system. Falling in love with and deciding to add Jaime and Symone to the family will cause Kayla and her wives to suffer the loss of family and friends, and Kayla’s career will be compromised.
Having to travel east for a dance performance has everyone on edge because of Symone’s father’s threat to kill Kayla if he ever sees her. 
A huge gathering with friends and family to celebrate the birth of their twins will bring new friendships and plans to bring the tribes closer together.
Events and people from the past will resurface, bringing a mixed bag of joy and opportunities, but mostly devastation that will impact the entire family.

The Brooke and Hannah Series

Book 1: Brooke and Hannah... Upon a Wishing Flower

On the outside, Brooke Dunning is a staunch professional, and very successful in her career as an advertising agent. Mixing business with pleasure is not something she’d ever allow. But when she’s assigned a client outside of her territory, Brooke meets a gorgeous and charming woman who immediately threatens her ability to maintain her composure. 
The encounter presents Brooke with the possibility of true and lasting love, but allowing a romantic relationship with a client could cost Brooke her job. 
A single morning of taking pictures for her new client will change everything. Brooke will learn about an unpunished crime that will force her to relive her painful past as a crime scene photographer.


Book 2: Brooke and Hannah... Upon a Snowfall

With their hearts set on marriage and children in the near future, Brooke and Hannah will have to first deal with the fallout from learning Brooke’s mother has terminal cancer. As if opening Pandora’s box, Brooke will deal with one painful blow after another, and discover a hidden secret from her past. Major opportunities and career changes will affect both of them, while they pursue starting a photography business together. An invitation out of town will gain them a couple of new friends and promising futures of love and support. While riding out the many ups and downs, will Brooke and Hannah finally learn whether or not Hannah’s friend is a murderer?

Standalone Novels

Taming the Tramp
By Amy DeMeritt

Taming the Tramp - Jack Hart is a self-proclaimed butch-lesbian with short hair, many ear piercings, and even more tattoos. And she’s very hot. To look at her, you wouldn’t know she is a self-made millionaire creating computer software for the biggest corporations in the world. That is, if you go based off of mainstream opinions on appearance, which Jack has no patience for. 

Jack lives by the rules of not judging others and not living her life controlled by the judgments of others. Jack doesn’t live by many rules, in fact she prefers to live by the ideology of doing what she wants, when she wants, with all due respect to those around her, of course.

However, Jack is very firm on a couple of rules, and every woman she brings home to her decked out luxury sex den all know the rules. Jack Hart does not date or do relationships – she only has sexual encounters. And if she or her playmate develop feelings, the arrangement ends.

But after over ten years of living by her own rules, Jack starts to wonder if she’s really getting what she wants from her promiscuous lifestyle anymore.

The Sharps Unleashed
By Amy DeMeritt

The Sharps Unleashed - Robin Sharp is a police officer for her local precinct in a small town in the mountains, where a bill was recently passed to open up a huge portion of the mountain to commercial logging. As the town is overrun with out of towners, they bring a mess of problems for the police force. While trying to help keep the peace between the locals and the loggers, Robin is assigned a case to find a few missing big-rigs, which turns into a rapidly escalating threat of a major homegrown terrorism plot. Not knowing who else they can trust, Robin and her wife, Grace, must go into dangerous territory to gain more intel and scramble to prevent multiple catastrophes.

Love Triumphs Pain
By Amy DeMeritt

Love Triumphs Pain - As if the stress of trying to decide what to major in when she starts college next year isn’t enough, Jess is surprised and embarrassed to suddenly find herself unable to stop thinking about kissing and being with her flirty science lab partner, Jaime – another girl! 
After a brief bout of depression from trying to understand her feelings, and with the help of her lifelong best friend, Hayley, Jess accepts she is gay and stops judging herself. Accepting who she is makes her feel hopeful and more confident. Her new found awareness of “self” allows Jess to humor the idea that she might actually be able to have what she wants – Jaime.  
The journey to discovering who they are is full of pain, but also deep passion. The ending may not be what they imagined, but in the end, they both discover their true selves and learn true love can heal all pains.

Breaking Mae's Curse
By Amy DeMeritt

Breaking Mae’s Curse - What happens when a lesbian samurai refuses to marry the king? He kills her lover and then orders his sorceress to curse her to immortality as a five-inch-tall woman, of course.Fast forward almost 600 years. Mae’s plan to try to meet a beautiful woman backfires and instead she befriends a young IT nerd who is all too excited to try to help her break her curse – which requires a woman to fall in love with her.Can a five-inch tall lesbian samurai find love? Can Mae’s curse be broken? Or will the enemies of her past come back to destroy everything?

She Became My Water
By Amy DeMeritt

She Became My Water - Can you fall in love with a person you’ve never met, seen a picture of, or know anything about that would help identify them in a crowd?Piper did just that, three years ago, when she stumbled upon the anonymous blog of the “Controversial Lesbian”. Piper has been religiously following the woman to the point that her love and infatuation for the blogger has been the indirect cause of a few relationships failing. Piper is a barista in a popular coffee shop and for the past month, a beautiful woman with a shy smile has captivated her with what mysteries hide behind that small closed lip smile. Unable to resist the intrigue of a beautiful shy woman, Piper decides to be bold and try to get to know her. Just when Piper thinks she has found the perfect woman that she can actually be with, the anonymous blogger decides to strip her digital mask, revealing her true identity. The surprise unveiling is shocking and life changing. 

The Iron Horse
By Amy DeMeritt

The Iron Horse - Nadia’s car breaks down in an unfamiliar town, and with a dead cellphone battery, she walks till she comes to the first place with lights on – The Iron Horse, a biker bar.
Gina is at the bar late and offers to fix Nadia’s car and get her back on the road. The women bond and find something within each other that feels like they could have finally found “the one.”
But will a complicated friendship with a single mother take Gina away from Nadia?

Keeper of My Heart
By Amy DeMeritt

Keeper of My Heart - Four years ago, Riley was only an intern at the zoo she is a keeper at now. She fell in love with her mentor, and after a three-year relationship, her heart was left broken. She vowed never to allow love into her heart again and she coped in ways that would only send her spiraling down the self-loathing whirlpool. 
A year later, the tables have turned. Riley is now the mentor and has to take on an intern. With one smile from a sweet innocent face, Riley’s resolve to never love again starts to crumble. While learning how to love again, and forgive herself for her indiscretions, Riley has to find closure with her past so she can move on and finally be happy. 

The Perfect Right Hook
By Amy DeMeritt

The Perfect Right Hook - When she was a kid, Jordan’s parents enrolled her in boxing to learn how to defend herself against the bullies that picked on her because of her petite size. As a working adult, Jordan’s no longer facing bullies in the schoolyard, but still hangs onto boxing out of habit. When an enemy from her past shows up in a terrifying way, and is the only person that knows why she can’t remember the day before, Jordan has to do some deep soul searching to remember on her own, or face her enemy in the ring to be given the answers. Trying to learn the truth about her missing time sends Jordan on a journey of self-discovery, learning she is more than just a boxer and a girl that works in IT. With the help of the beautiful and fascinating Alex, Jordan learns the many beauties and wonders in life she has been missing out on and starts to uncover clues to her missing day in her own memory. When she finally learns the truth about what happened to her, will she be able to survive it, or will it destroy her and the beautiful bond that forms between her and Alex?

Other Works

Some Things Escaped - A Poetry Collection - 

It is the most natural thing for the heart and mind to experience a variety of thoughts and emotions at any given moment. 

Some Things Escaped is an unrestricted showcase of the musings of the interior being set free.


A collection of beautiful fairy tales with ordinary woman having extraordinary and intimate experiences with Mother Earth. They experience love, bliss, and companionship, while gaining respect and reverence for our Earth Mother.

This collection of short stories was written to honor and celebrate the beauty and bounty of Earth with the hopes that they will inspire respect and action to help protect this planet we call home.