LGBTQ+ Fairy Tale Contest


What I think is so wonderful about fairy tales is there are written and oral traditions of legends, folklore, campfire stories, etc. from every region of the world. Every group of people has their own stories. Storytelling and sharing is ingrained in humans. We love stories. I love stories – I especially love writing stories.

When I write, my imagination can be sparked from anything – a smile, a brief conversation I overhear, the body language between two people, an oddly shaped piece of metal, an interesting tree, and on and on the gems of inspiration tumble from my senses into my brain to grow like a bean stock into something new and complex.

I started writing an anthology of LGBTQ+ themed fairy tales and I got a fun idea to make the writing experience even more exciting for me and my readers. If fairy tales are something we all share in common, why not share this adventure with others? How would I do that? Simple – I’m going to give you a chance to challenge my imagination and inspire a customized fairy tale.

Do you want to challenge me? Great! This is what I need you to do.

Option 1:

1.    Send me a photograph via social media:

  • Twitter: Tweet or DM me @Amy_DeMeritt

  • Facebook: Message me @AuthorAmyDeMeritt

The photo can literally be anything – a landscape, a sitting area in a garden, a wild mushroom, an old abandoned building, a spider web, your pet, etc. Please do not send pornographic images.

2.    If you have a favorite fantasy creature, such as vampires, fairies, werewolves, mermaids, etc. please let me know. Or if you really want to challenge me – give me a creature that’s under represented and not well known.

Option 2:

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What happens if your entry inspires a LGBTQ+ fairy tale?

I will notify you via social media or email with instructions on the next step in this adventure. You will receive the option to have the story dedicated to you and you will receive a free eBook copy of the full anthology when the book is released for publication in 2019.